Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's take a look in the mirror...

My Passion Project Progress

     My passion project was to create an "a capella" video with self-recorded music and editing. So far, everything has been great about the video. However, I haven't physically begun to create it.
     Before producing the video, I want to plan it out thoroughly so I don't come across a giant problem that I could have avoided by planning. My plans are all done, thank goodness. I found a good recording software, figured out how I want to edit the video, and chose a song. However, I've come across quite a few problems.
     The first problem is probably the biggest. I won't be able to do the video "tile style" like I had originally decided to. The editing program I use, iMovie, does not allow more than two tracks of video to play at the same time. However, I found a way through this problem when I realized that I could use the green screen. Although I can't have more than two tracks of video at the same time, I can focus on a more artsy style and use the green screen to have two versions of me on screen simultaneously. 
     My biggest achievement so far was definitely finding the song. The song is a Lion King medley, and it's fantastic because it's complicated and long (nearly ten minutes!). The reason why I wanted a complicated song was because it would teach me more than an easy song. 
     Welp, the only problem left is to create the video! I hope I don't have any problems getting the video to my computer like I did with my last video project, but I might be able to fix it or get around that problem. I can't wait for the finished product.