Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Reflection I

     My first passion project of this year will be on the ancient art of alchemy.  In the two days I've worked on it, I didn't really get a great amount of work done.  The first Friday, I spent the period searching for valid websites to get my information from.  I just copied and pasted all the URLs onto a big document.  The second Friday, I took notes on important alchemists and their significance in history.  For the second Friday, I took handwritten notes, since I learn best when I take long notes in a notebook. 
     The work I've done, however not being very much, was actually very important.  Researching different alchemists has allowed me to understand so much more about alchemy in general.  There are so many different types of alchemy from so many different types of countries and areas.  Many of the alchemists I've researched are people I could branch off on, to keep my presentation nice and fresh. 
     I could use this information to help me later as I develop my project.  Knowing a few alchemists from the past will help me in finding how studies during the age of heavy alchemy led to scientific advances and discoveries in more modern times.  
     There were some patterns in my work.  I wrote down the significance of all the alchemists I've studied.  Although I didn't collect the same type of information from each alchemist.  I did collect the basic overview of each person.  
     The work I did was very thorough.  I'm actually very pleased with the progress I've done so far.  The notes I took on each person was very detailed and told many things about them.  I'm really excited to use this information in my project later.
     Next, I'm going to continue researching important people of the alchemy age.  I think I want to know about more people.  After that, I'm going to research spiritual and magical alchemy.