Friday, September 21, 2012

Eherm.... ... ... Uh, hey there.

     Welcome to my secret lair. My name is Christina Trespeses, but you have the pelasure of calling me Christina (Or Lady Christina-Grace the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer and Nerd, if you're daring enough). I am twelve years young, and I'm currently in the seventh grade.

       Apparently, I'm supposed to be typing all about me. Alright. Cool. Let' get something right: I am am not your ordinary kid. I'm eccentric, quirky, and I have a tendency to scare people. But I guess I'm okay with that. I'm usually that "weird kid" wherever I go, but hey, that's me. At least I know my friends hang out with me because they like me, and not because I dress nicely or I have nice hair (which I really, really don't).
      I'll be honest with you. I'm most definitely not one of those people who put on a fraud smile, kiss up to teachers with their charisma, and charm all of the adults saying, "I love every class on earth because I'm such a perfect little daisy!". Haha- no. I don't like every single subject in school. There are subjects that interest me, and subjects that want me to fall asleep.
     Math is my enemy, I'll tell you that. It was kind of easy at first, until the alphabet betrayed me and joined the villain who crunches numbers and creates money. I'm sick of trying to find Math's 'x'. In my opinion, they should just stay apart.
     It's kind of funny. I'm horrid at math, and quite frankly, I'm just not very good at it. But English and writing is my forte. Oho, I don't mean to brag, but I occasionally help my sister with her English homework (right now she's in college). Creative writing is my love. If Creative Writing were a person, I would definitely marry him. Gah, I just can't even put how much I love writing into words. It's just... ... Gah.

     I'm a knowledge junkie. Once I hear about something, I just have to look it up and find out everything about it. My favorite thing to learn about is the legends and unsolved mysteries of other countries.
     One of my favorite topics that I learned practically everything about is Jack the Ripper, from England. I know, it's kind of scary, but... It's interesting. Jack the Ripper is a serial killer from the Victorian period (around the 1700's) in England. Put simply, he murdered many, many women in probably the most gruesome way possible (I'm not going to say what he did here, look it up if you'd like to. Warning: it's gruesome). Jack the Ripper was never found. It's an unsolved mystery. Nobody knows who he was. To be honest, I think the Jack the Ripper case is more interesting than Stonehenge.

     Alright, let's get away from the mysterious murderer now. As stated above, I love writing. I'm also quite fond of playing instruments and such. You should sit down, this little section about music is going to be pretty long.
     I learned to play the violin when I was around four years old. I don't know why I asked, I think it was because I saw some kind of person playing the violin on TV. I loved the way the person looked, how the person was so graceful as the bow glided up and down the G, D, A, and E strings, with her fingers waltzing across the fingerboard. Or maybe it was because I heard my mother expressing how much she loved the violin. I don't really remember.
     So, I've been playing the violin for about eight years. It's my main instrument, although I'm not incredibly amazing at it. I've been thinking about joining an orchestra, but I never did try out. I simply don't have enough time (I say that like I'm doing a lot of accomplishing things like running a race or something, but in reality, I'm just too lazy). The violin is hard. It's not just moving your fingers and pressing them against the fingerboard. You have to hold the bow correctly, keep the bow rosined, and everything like that. You have to learn how to slide up the fingerboard, and you have to learn to successfully hold the violin between your chin and shoulder. Not an easy task.
     I began to take lessons on how to play the piano when I was about six years old. It's a lot easier than the violin, let me tell you that. The piano is my second-to-main instrument, and after learning how to play the piano, everything else in music just came so easily. I see piano as sort of like the roots of a tree when it comes to music. Piano makes everything easier.
     About three or four years ago, my cousins, my sister, and I taught ourselves how to play the ukulele. Let me warn you: I stink at it. Haha, I'm not very good at all. My fingers still kind of fumble when I strum. So don't ask me to play the ukulele for you.
     I play the clarinet in school. I really, really like it. I've been playing it for about three years. I think I'm fairly good at it. I mean, I know I'm not so miserably horrible. But maybe if I just practiced a little more, I'd be able to play better.

     Apart from playing instruments, I also write songs and such. I like to come up with little, quick songs on the ukulele, and I write instrumentals for the piano and violin. Although my composition skills aren't great, I also transpose music. Transposing means that you will listen to a piece, then you'll write down the sheet music for others or yourself. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer to transpose an entire piece, other times it takes me seconds.
     I don't always write down the sheet music for pieces I do by ear (playing something without sheet music is doing something by ear). I tend to simply memorize it. I've been playing pieces by ear since I can remember. I remember when I was three or two (I remember it was before I started school), I would listen to very catchy songs on TV, then I'd play the melody on the piano. Sometimes I would hear my sister playing something on the piano (she was taking piano lessons at the time), and I'd play the melody. That's why my mother enrolled me into lessons for piano. Because she saw how I played it when I was younger, and she thought I'd be good at it.

     Congratulations, you made it through the music part of this introductory post! I'm proud of you. Remind me to give you a gold star the next time you see me.

     Well, I grew up in a house with my mother, father, sister, and grandparents (mother's side). My house used to be a bed and breakfast place, believe it or not. That's why, in front of my house, there is a large sign, that clearly reads 'Willow Brook'. That was the name of the bed and breakfast. Hehe, isn't that cool? I like walking through my house, imagining what the residents would look like, trying to visualize what the rooms would look like.
     When I was younger, I often went over to my cousin's house in Mount Laurel, Pennsylvania. I still do. I remember, when I was younger, my cousins didn't really like me. I don't blame them. I was a pretty obnoxious kid before entering school, I won't lie. My cousins told me that once, we went to an amusement park, and I picked up a giant rock and threw it at a man. When the man turned around, I asked, "Wanna be my friend?".
     ... He didn't want to be my friend.
     I don't really remember the story, I was only two when it happened. So that's my cousin's explanation of it. I find it rather ironic how my cousins used to hate my guts, but now we're stuck together like nerds and books.

     When I'm an adult, it's my dream to be a video game and movie soundtrack composer. Alright, most of my family is made up of doctors and nurses. In my family, it's either you're a doctor, nurse, or teacher. But I don't really want to be a doctor. I mean, sitting around, telling nurses what to do? Doesn't sound like my kind of thing. And I don't want to be a nurse either. Taking care of sick patients doesn't sound fun. As for being a teacher... I don't want to have to go back to school right after getting out of college.
     My favorite composers are Yoko Shimomura, Joe Hisaishi, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer. Yoko Shimomura is a video game composer, who also happens to be the composer of my favorite video game series: Kingdom Hearts. She has such amazing, original works. Joe Hisaishi is the composer for the Studio Ghibli, or Hiyao Miyazaki films. He's written the music for My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Ponyo. John Williams is the man who wrote the soundtrack for the first three Harry Potter films, Star Wars, The Adventures of TinTin, and Jaws. Hans Zimmer wrote the pieces for Avatar and (pardon me if I'm wrong) Pirates of the Caribbean. 
     It's my absolute dream to become famous like the composers above. I'd love to watch a giant orchestra put my notes into sounds, and watch animators, movie makers and game makers put my sounds into reality.

     So, I was told to write 'what makes me happy'. That's hard for me to write about. A lot of things make me happy, but it's almost hard to describe them.
     Let's just say... I find myself happiest in the littlest of things. Running around with friends, being able to squeeze out a little, teeny bit of toothpaste from the very-almost-empty toothpaste dispenser, finding clean socks in my closet when I need to do laundry... I feel like those things are just so incredibly lucky. It makes me happy.
     Another thing that makes me happy (promise me you won't laugh) are harmonies. I mean, musical harmonies. Whenever I hear two notes that sound so utterly wonderful together, it brings a smile to my face. I'm not sure why. It just does.
     Art makes me happy, too. I'm quite a fan of drawing and painting and all of that little artsy-ness (sorry, I forgot to add it into my hobbies paragraph). When I see good art, I smile and think to myself: "Wow. That's really good. It's amazing how somebody can make that out of a stick that makes lines on paper."
     If I were to list everything in the world that makes me happy, you'll be reading this thing forever (which you already have been). So... I think I'll end it here. Ta-ta!

... ... Pffft, what an abrupt ending.



  1. That was great, Christina (aka Lady Christina-Grace the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer and Nerd).
    P.S. Math is my enemy too!

  2. I am also musical but I am a concrete random learner.