Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whew, it's gettin' dusty in here.

Uh, hi guys.

...Sorry I haven't been around.


...Sorry I let so much dust collect in here.

So, here's something good to make up for all the mess here. Something good happening in my life.

...Nope, can't think of anything. It's like when somebody asks you what your favorite book is, and all of a sudden, the only book you can think of is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Too bad Brown Bear, Brown Bear can't help me right now.

But I guess something nice going on right now is that I'm content.  I mean, what's better than being content with your life?  I'm not overly happy, but I had just the right amount of troubles in my life to keep me rolling forward.  Without troubles, we'd all be stuck in the mud.

I'm just really glad that I'm content.  Mm-hmm.

...Okay, okay, I'm sorry that was lame. Here's something good that's actually going on in my life.

I've decided I'm going to teach myself how to play flute, because all the flutes in my wind ensemble just sound so graceful. I just want to be as graceful as them. :) So I'm going to look for a flute seller pretty soon! Hoo-rah!

Welp, I'm done here. I'll try to clean up 'round here.

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