Friday, January 11, 2013

10% + 10% = 20%

       This is going to be a shorter blog post than usual. Fantastic. Excellent. Let's get started.

       Put simply, in this lovely ROGATE class, we're doing a 20% Project.  Don't know what that is? No problem. It's basically when we will donate every Friday of our week to work solely on a project of our choice. Nearing the end of the year, we will present these projects.

       My 20% Project will, of course, be composing a full-out musical piece for at least five instruments, vocals, and all that. If you know me well, that's pretty typical of me to do. It may sound easy and all that fluff, but it's not. I have to worry about triads, intervals, octaves, chords, harmonies, beats, timing- and the moust troubling of all, actually putting it into sound. It seems a lot harder now, right? You're probably asking: "Why would you do that? That sounds too hard."
       I'm doing it to expand my horizons. When I'm older, my dream is to be a soundtrack composer of movies and video games, like John William or Yoko Shimomura. I've only been able to compose for single instrument solos or maybe a voice accompanied by a simple ukulele. Now it's time to really put everything to the test and use at least FIVE instruments. Challenging? Yes. Worth my time? Most definitely.

       I'm probably going to have to use Noteflight to compose everything, which means I'll need a computer and the Internet (it'll be the death of me if my Internet magically decides to go away for a while). Maybe a keyboard, too, so I can play the chords and determine whether I agree with them or not.  Some tea would be good, to make me feel all inspired and natural. Maybe even a little happiness burst from my dog. Okay, now I'm getting off track.

       Of course, there are going to be some problems. Difficulties. Bugs. I'm probably going to have a tough time coming up with harmonies that will work with chords, and I'll probably have trouble coming up with DECENT lyrics. I'll even have trouble just finding people to play the parts- Or if I plan to play them myself, HOW I'll play it. I expect a lot of things to go wrong. But as long as I keep my sanity, I'm okay.

       Time to list some awesome people. My sister is one of them. She's a huge nut about movie soundtracks and songs, so I could go to her for some help if I want to add more emphasis on something. A few musician-friends may be good to go to, when I need people to play the piece. And finally, I'll need my best friends to give me some inspiration and relieve me of stress so I can calm down and focus.

I don't know why I like abrupt endings, but I do. They make you feel so uncomfortable, don't they? ... Yeah.


  1. Hi Christina!
    I think your idea for composing music is really cool. I would never be able do it for my own instrument, never mind 5 different ones. It's pretty awesome that you want to be a composer when you're older. You would be good at it. Good luck on your harmonies and stuff.

  2. Christina!
    You did a great job with writing this piece of literature. It was very funny and interesting. Im sure your song will be amazing! If you are looking for any more people for music playing, I will be waiting!

  3. This sounds like an awesome idea! I would NEVER be able to do that..Haha:) Even though it may be hard, it defineltely will be all worth it in the end, and I am so excited to see how this turns out! Good Luck!