Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012, RETURN! 2013, I CHOOSE YOU!

       Okay, to start this off, let me just say this: 2012 was both one of the best and one of the worst years I have ever experienced.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved being alive for another full three hundred sixty-five days.  It's just... ... Some things people did makes me want to teleport into the Super Mario Bros world and just run into turtles until I run out of lives.

       Let's start with the best things, simply because I find that people generally start with good things rather than bad things.

      Find this silly, find this sentimental or profound, whatever you see it as, but I learned that I absolutely, positively, love tea.  It's delicious, wonderful, and makes me feel super duper artsy!  My favorite flavor happens to be Sleepytime Vanilla, with a few spoonfuls of added sugar.  Ah, tea.
      Somehow, during 2012, I formed a strange love and obsession with cafes.  Not fancy restauraunt with beautiful cloth covering the tables, but a small, cute cafe.  I'm not exactly sure why, but the idea of a little, cozy place to drink hot chocolate and listen to jazzy piano music sounds so appealing to me. Call me weird and crazy and I don't care, but please: Call me Maybe (haha, 2012 joke).
       I'm sorry the things I learned about myself aren't deep and zen-like. But I'm a simple person. You just have to understand that.

       This past year, I learned that people can be so amazingly... ... Senseless. Sorry, I know, that was rude. But it's kind of true. Don't get me wrong, the human race is great. We can invent things, we can figure out puzzles, and we can put our minds to work. But some people's actions just made me wonder where on earth they went to school.
       To start with everything... The duck face. No offense intended if you find the duck face attractive, and keep in mind that this is merely my opinion. But the duck face is... ... Duck-like. If you don't know what the duck face is, put simply, you pucker your lips almost like you're going to over-kiss somebody in a picture. That's a duck face. Don't make it seem better because you call it a 'kissy' face! A duck face is a duck face, and that's that.
       I should probably stop saying things that I learned about the world that are negative... I don't want an angry riot outside of my house tomorrow.

       Apart from all doubts and negativity, the world is great. There are some things people overlook that are so amazing. For example, even the plainest of fires may become a true bonfire, if the photo is taken at the right angle, at the right time, and possibly with the right cropping. From Malala, the girl from Pakistan, taught me to appreciate schooling, although I hate it. I suppose going to school and learning is better than not going to school at all. After all, I probably wouldn't be able to understand video games if I hadn't learned how to read and write and comprehend problems.

       Time to do some resolving. Alright. Here is a small list describing some things I want to do this year and reasons why. However, I'm probably not going to do them, due to laziness.

  • I want to be able to save enough money to buy an electric violin (Realist AV-4 PRO, to be exact). This is going to be hard for me, seeing how I don't earn an allowance. So far, I've been doing well by saving my Christmas and Birthday money. It's going to be a long trip, as the violin costs $1,500!
  • Start going outside more, excercise, and get buff! According to what I've been learning in my Health clas, I am probably the unhealthiest, most unfit person on earth. I don't excercise and I'm kind of a weakling. So this year, I'll try to excercise and get fit! This is going to be the hardest goal for me, to be honest. I'm really bad at running, moving, and going outside (I have really bad allergies). Maybe I'll try doing a lot of Dance Dance Revolution or something.
  • Compose a full-out, longer than one minute piece for at least three or more instruments. I like to compose pieces for instruments. And so, I'd like to take that to a new level, by writing an entire, complete piece. It'll be hard, but hey, I think I could do it in a year.

       Aww, poo, time to do stuff I DON'T want to do. Argh, I'm probably not going to follow these, but I'll try.

  • I need to stop apologizing to ITEMS, not PEOPLE, if I drop them or bump into them. I'm not even kidding, I do this. I'll run into a chair, and without even thinking, I'll say, "Sorry, Chair." It's not a good habit at all. People give me weird stares. Haaaaaah (that was a sigh), I should work on these.
  • Stop buying a new video game before I finish the one I'm workin on. I end up getting distracted in the new video game, and I end up neglecting the other. Then, I'm left with a giant list of video games I have to finish (I've defeated that list by now and I'm only working on one right now, but it might happen again). Alright, self-control, LET'S DO THIS.
  • Stop neglecting to brush my hair. Obviously, I'm not good at brushing my hair. So, I need to STOP neglecting that task!



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